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When the comminution of the middle phalanx volar lip involves more than 40% of the articular surface, the PIP joint generally becomes unstable due to loss of the. Volar Plate Avulsion Injury refers to an acute hyperextension of the dense ligament that covers the palm-side of each and every finger and thumb joint. Often accompanied by a shearing off of small pieces of the phalanges, this condition is marked by pain, swelling, tenderness and joint instability. Volar plate ligament red with an avulsion fracture. Our volar plate is a ligament on the palm side of the finger made of tough tissue connecting the finger bones together for stability. The most common joint of the finger to have a volar plate injury is the one closest to. Volar plate injuries can be caused by disease or trauma. Diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis can weaken and loosen the volar plate, leaving it susceptible to injury. Trauma to the finger, such as breaking a fall with an outstretched hand or catching a ball during athletic activity, can hyperextend or dislocate a finger and tear or rupture its volar plate and one or both of the collateral ligaments. In some cases, the.

Distal radius fracture repair with volar plate is a surgical procedure that uses metal implants, or plates, to help stabilize fractures in the radius near the wrist. Causes of Distal Radius Fracture Distal radius fractures are most commonly caused by falling directly onto an outstretched arm. VariAx Distal Radius Locking Plate System. at 45 degrees along the wrist flexion creases. 2. The FCR tendon is retracted ulnarly and dissection is carried down through the floor of the FCR sheath. This exposes the FCR muscle belly, which may be retracted ulnarly as well. 3. The Pronater Quadratus is identified and dissected in its entirety off of the volar surface of the radius as an.

revolution when the DVR Anatomic Volar Plating System was released. Leading the way to a new approach, the DVR plate has helped restore motion to patients worldwide – in the everyday activities that are driven by the hand and wrist. With years of clinical heritage in treating distal radius fractures using the volar approach. Volar Plate. The Volar Plate is a thick ligament which joins together two bones in the finger and prevents hyperextension. It is located on the palm side of the finger in the metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal joints where they reinforce the joint capsules and enhance joint stability. It is most commonly injured at the proximal phalanx. for the XXL Volar Distal Radius Plates: Osteotomies, non-unions, and malunions. Intended Use The VariAx Distal Radius Locking System including the XXL Volar Distal Radius Plates is intended for internal fixation of small bone fractures, primarily including distal radius fractures. 2.4 mm Variable Angle LCP Volar Rim Distal Radius Plates Technique Guide Synthes 3 Kirschner wire holes Enable preliminary plate fixation and indicate screw orientation when using guide blocks Figure 1 Elongated VA Combi hole Allows accurate plate positioning and radius length adjustment, offering 4 mm of range with 2.7 mm.

13.03.2009 · Thirteen cases of complete tendon rupture after volar plate fixation of distal radius fractures have been reported in the literature to date [1–3, 5, 10]. Some have been attributed to plate or screw design [ 3 ], chronic steroid use, fracture collapse [ 1 ], sub-optimal placement [ 1,. Wrist Fixation System. Volar Bearing Plate™ Volar Fixed Angle Plate; Volar Hook Plate; Dorsal Hook Plate; Radial Column Pin Plate™ Dorsal Ulnar Pin Plate™ Radial Column Peg Plate; Radial Column Malunion Plate; Volar Buttress Pin™ Dorsal Buttress Pin™ Bridge Plate; Ulnar Osteotomy System. Ulnar Osteotomy Compression Plate; Clavicle.

Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "volar plate" – Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen. 2 DePuy Synthes Variable Angle LCP Two-Column Volar Distal Radius Plate 2.4 Surgical Technique Variable Angle LCP Two-Column Volar Distal Radius Plate 2.4. For fragment-specific fracture fixation with variable angle locking technology. Features and Benefits Oblong combi-hole Allows accurate plate positioning on the bone Dedicated screws. 07.01.2010 · I'm trying to find out if there is a HCPCS code for a volar plate. I've looked in the program I use Encoder Pro and I've been able to find anything. If anyone has billed for a fixation plate and you know of a HCPCS code I'd be happy to hear from you. Thanks Kari. 3 A New Generation of Radius Plates 4 One System for Primary and Secondary Reconstruction. 6DAPTIVE II A Distal Radius Plates 8PL Plates F 10 Hook Plates. 11 Lunate Facet Plates. 12 Rim Plates. 13 Fracture Plates. 14 Correction Plates. 15 Volar Frame Plates. 16 Extra-Articular Plates. 17 Small Fragment Plates. 18 Dorsal Frame Plates. 19 XL Plates.

To address the complications of a wide range of wrist fractures, fusions, and osteotomies, the Acumed Acu-Loc Wrist Plating System offers four titanium plate families. These anatomically contoured plates with precise screw positioning are designed to create a strong and stable construct to help restore the natural anatomy of the wrist bones.

Should I Have My Plate and Screws Removed? October 11, 2010 by Dr. Henley 55 Comments Patients often ask, “Will the plate have to be taken out?” during our discussions about fixing bad wrist fractures or fractures in other parts of the hand and arm.
Volar Plate Injuries This condition is a stretching or tearing of the volar plate, which can allow the finger to hyperextend and can interfere with normal hand function. The volar plate is a strong ligamentous structure on the underside of the finger at the point where the proximal and middle phalanx bones meet, called the proximal interphalangeal joint or PIP joint. The Titanium Wrist Plating System is designed for fixation of intra-articular and extra-articular fractures, osteotomies, and nonunions and malunions of the distal radius. The titanium volar plates are available in a wide array of sizes narrow, standard, and wide and in multiple shaft lengths. A variety of screw fixation options, aiming. Purpose. To determine recovery timeline of unstable distal radius fractures treated by open reduction and internal fixation with a locking volar plate. Methods. Data was collected prospectively on a consecutive series of twenty-seven patients during routine post-operative visits at 2 and 6 weeks, and 3, 6, 12 and 24 months. Range of motion.

Volar Plate Arthroplasty Beverlie L. Ting Philip E. Blazar DEFINITION Volar plate arthroplasty VPA is used in the treatment of both acute and chronic dorsal fracture-dislocations of the proximal interphalangeal PIP or distal interphalangeal DIP joint.8 In VPA, local tissue volar plate is advanced to recreate a volar restraint to dorsal. Allows bone fragments to be compressed to the plate for greater construct stability and allows screw placement at fixed anatomic angles. Optimized plate profile enables maximum distal placement of the plate to buttress volar-ulnar fragments without stuffing the compartment. What is a Volar Plate Avulsion Injury? Volar Plate injuries are often referred to as a “jammed finger”. The Volar Plate can be defined as a very thick ligament that prevents hyperextension from occurring. If there is enough force during hyperextension, the disruption may cause a rupture of the Volar Plate at its insertion on the middle. Complications of locked volar plating reported in the literature, at national and international presentations, in online discussion forums, in the author’s personal cases, and in cases submitted for review to the author, have included: 1 irritation/rupture of. Learn about the surgical techniques used to install TriMed's open reduction & internal fracture fixation implants. Get detailed manuals for each product available.

Plate Selection Following fracture reduction, select the Volar Distal Radius Locking Plate that best accommodates patient anatomy and fracture pattern. Note The PERI-LOC™ Volar Distal Radius Plate Preoperative Templates 7118-0981, 7118-0982 are available to assist with preoperative radiographic planning. Volar Distal Radius Plate. Volar Plate Fixation of Distal Radius Fractures Jorge Orbay, MD Miami Hand Center, 8905 Southwest 87 Avenue, Suite 100, Miami, FL 33176, USA Reliable internal fixation for the comminuted. The Acu-Loc 2 Wrist Plating System offers plate families and screw technologies to treat multiple fracture patterns of the distal radius and distal ulna regions.Acumed has introduced the Acu-Loc 2 Volar Distal Radius VDR Plating System as the next generation in plating fixation. The system prese. Standard Volar Plate Placement Nominal Screw Trajectory Left & Right Cobra Hohmanns Weitlaner Retractor Polyaxial and Locking Drill Guide. Zimmer® Distal Radius Plating System Surgical Technique 3 Zimmer Distal Radius Plating System Plate Families Features Plate Contour The contour was optimized using Zimmer’s proprietary ZiBRA™ Anatomical Modeling System to ensure.

ligament is taut in extension. The volar plate is a thick fibrocartilaginous structure that constitutes the palmar aspect of the PIP joint capsule. Dis-tally, it is firmly attached to the volar lip of the base of the middle phalanx. Proximally, the at-tachment of the volar plate to the proximal pha-lanx is more elastic and is U-shaped due to two. Common traumatic injury of the hand involving the proximal interphalangeal joint PIP or distal interphalangeal joint DIP. Treatment is closed reduction and splinting unless volar plate entrapment blocks reduction or a combined fracture renders the joint unstable.

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