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Linda-Ruth Cardozo
Drama Instructor

Height 5'3"
Weight 115
Hair Blonde/Auburn
Eyes Blue

Home: (415) 447-9094
Cell: (415) 269-7840


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San Francisco Theatre Pub Blog

"Theatre Around the Internet: Ten Questions with Linda-Ruth Cardozo"

"There Are No Small Parts..."

"Day Of Play!"

"Keep an Eye On..."
by Belinda Taylor

Stage Roles

"Just One More Game"
Christopher DeJong and Linda-Ruth Cardozo
Photo by Ian Walker
"Merely Players: Updating Theatre Can Be Tricky'"
by Lily Janiak
SF Weekly
Linda-Ruth Cardozo and Christopher DeJong
Photo by Dan Wilson

"Don't Hate the Players"
by Sam Hurwitt
The Idiolect

"Measure For Measure"
"Fun and Casual SF Theatre Pub demonstrates solid Shakespearean chops with 'Measure for Measure'"
by Charles Kruger
Theatre Storm

"Of Dice and Men"
"Gamers roll good theater in Of Dice and Men" by Chad Jones
Theatre Dogs Bay Area Backstage
"Of Dice and Men: Dungeons and Dragons subculture" by Louis Peitzman
SFGate Home of the SF Chronicle
"Role Play with Impact" by Rachel Swan
East Bay Express
"Theater Review: 'Of Dice and Men'" by Sam Hurwitt
Crosscurrents From KALW News

"Nymph O'Mania"
"All of the actors were enjoyable, with the standout being Linda-Ruth Cardozo as Lydia. Sometimes an actor grabs your attention the moment they walk on stage, and Linda-Ruth’s portrayal is one of those times."

"Nymph O'Mania Is Delightful"
--- Michael Platania,
San Francisco Bay Times
Linda-Ruth Cardozo, Andrew Calabrese, Lance Fuller,
Ben Ortega and Kat Kneisel in Nymph O’ Mania.
Photo by Bill Boice.

"Nymph O'Mania Is Delightful"
--- Michael Platania,
San Francisco Bay Times
Lance Fuller and Kat Kneisel are among the partygoers who have an unexpected adventure in Nymph O' Mania at StageWerx.
Photo by Bill Boice.

"Punch-drunk Love"
--- Richard Dodds, The Bay Area Reporter
Ben Ortega and Linda Wang in Nymph o’Mania.
Photo by Bill Boice.

"Madcap Forest"
--- Sam Hurwitt, www.theidiolect.com

"The Glory of Living"
"A Living Will"
by Karen Macklin
"Glory is a gritty look at teen abuse"
by Robert Hurwitt
San Francisco Chronicle theatre critic

"Piece of You"
"Female Artists Come Out of the Woodwork"
Review by San Francisco Chronicle Staff Writer Dave Ford
Listing in Entertainment Section of San Francisco Chronicle
San Francisco Bay Guardian

"The Merry Wives of Windsor"
Review by Lee Brady
Review by Olga Azar

"Julius Caesar"
Review by Ken Bullock

"George Washington Slept Here"
"No lie: Slept adept at farce"
Review by Stacy Trevenon
Half Moon Bay Review

"Middle-aged White Guys"
"Is There Hope For The White Man?"
Review by Stacy Trevenon
Half Moon Bay Review
"The Side of Hill Players presents political satire
'Middle-Aged White Guys'"
Pacifica Tribune

"Witness For the Prosecution"
"'Witness' is guilty of excellence"
Pacifica Tribune

"Hands Across the Sea "
"'Nunsense 2 Meets Noel Coward"
Bary Area Reporter